Who We Are

Samahang Pilipino is a multi-faceted student organization which addresses the specific needs of the Pilipino community of UCLA and the greater Los Angeles area. Since 1972, Samahang has been committed to addressing five key aspects of Pilipino life: cultural, social, political, academic, and community. Samahang remains a family away from home and a bridge to our cultural roots.

In our commitment to our mission, vision, and core values, Samahang Pilipino engages the UCLA campus and the Pilipino community through SPEAR, SPACE, and SPCN.

Mission Statement

We, as Samahang Pilipino, will:
Foster cultural empowerment and social responsibility by creating spaces to dialogue about diverse experiences and identities
– Actively engage and develop student leaders to organize, advocate, and provide services for themselves and the community
Build and strengthen relationships with different communities, organizations, and stakeholders on and off campus

Vision Statement

Samahang Pilipino envisions a united, self-sustaining community that:
Explores and embraces all Pilipinx and Pilipinx American struggles, identities, and experiences,
Derives responsibility by continually analyzingand understanding history, culture, and self
Works in solidarity with different communities to transform systems of power in order to achieve justice and equity within and beyond the university

Core Values

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    One Family

    Cultivating relationships within the Pilipinx/Pilipinx-American community by supporting each other in our individual and collective goals

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    Relevant Education

    Acquiring, personalizing, and applying knowledge that pertains to the understanding of one’s identity, culture, and communities

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    Critical Approach

    Making well-informed decisions through analysis, evaluation, and inquire for growth and understanding

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    Social Justice

    Promoting progressive change by exercising student power and mobilizing community activism to achieve social equity

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    Fostering empowerment through collaborative efforts and cross-community building