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We’re sorry! Board Committees are now closed for the 2015-2016 school year. Please come back next year!

Board Committees

Samahang Pilipino Board Committees provide a space for general membership to immerse themselves in the operations that run Samahang Pilipino as an organization. Led by Samahang Pilipino board members, committees offer opportunities to develop as student-leaders, obtain practical skills, learn more about Pilipino history and culture, and meet new friends, all while making a significant impact on our Pilipinx community on and off campus. Through collaboration and teamwork, students will gain valuable experience in programming, facilitating, networking, and research.

Political Committee

Samahang Pilipino Political Committee wants you to be part of our team! This year, Political Committee will have the pleasure of working on the SCPASA Summit, the Campaign, a General Body Meeting and the Alumni Project. Join this committee if you are interested in externalizing with other Pilipino and non-Pilipino organizations inside and outside of UCLA, learning and organizing around issues and policies that affect the Pilipino community. PoCo will definitely be your favorite place to be! 🙂

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Financial Committee

If you love handling money and feel passionate about Samahang Pilipino, then FiCo is the committee for you! The Financial Committee devotes its efforts to serving Samahang Pilipino and the greater Pilipino community at UCLA by establishing effective governance, ensuring financial security, promoting financial literacy, and fostering collaborative partnerships with SPEAR, SPACE, and SPCN. Members can take part in numerous activities that range from learning about funding applications to creating innovative financial literacy events to organizing fundraisers. Join this committee if you are a diligent individual interested in the financial management that drives Samahang Pilipino forward! As a member, you will be provided with numerous opportunities to develop your leadership skills, instill social change, and gain valuable skills.

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Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee (CulCo) focuses on the cultural aspects of Samahang Pilipino and the larger Pilipin@ and Pilipin@-American community inside and outside of UCLA. The CulCo space will provide members opportunities to learn about Pilipin@ and Pilipin@-American culture from a multi-faceted approach, engage its members in discussions surrounding culture and relevant topics, and give members a chance to gain experience through the planning, programming, and execution of cultural events. Events and programs that will be put on by CulCo include, but are not limited to: Pilipin@-American History Month Festival, Exposure Trip to Norcal, etc

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PINAYS Collective

The focus of PINAYS Collective is two-fold: enjoyment and empowerment. PINAYS Collective will incorporate social events on and off campus as well as seek to empower our community of Pilipin@ womyn and allies through discussion and dialogue, womyn's-focused programming and workshops within UCLA with other social/ethnic organizations, and attending relevant events in the greater LA area. PINAYS Collective aims for awareness, intra- & inter-community growth. In other words, we seek to grow stronger bonds within the SP community between womyn and allies, and we seek to grow stronger bonds to other ethnic womyn's groups on campus.

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Administrative Committee

Samahang Pilipino Administrative Committee (AdminCo) serves as the marketing and logistics hub for Samahang Pilipino. We work closely with every entity in Samahang in addition to Board, including: SPACE, SPEAR, and SPCN, as we are the ones responsible for promoting their events! On this committee, you will have the opportunity to creatively express yourself through graphic designing, newsletter writing, social media posting, website designing, and coming up with ideas for outreaching and spreading the word about Samahang! No prior experience necessary, just looking for people who are down to learn and help run this fun, familial organization of ours! But if you are tech-savvy and/or crafty with a camera, AdminCo would greatly appreciate & welcome your talents.

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Academic Committee

Samahang Pilipino Academic Committee (A-Co) strives to investigate and address the educational needs of the Pilipino/a community both on and off campus. Structured like an internship, members conduct research and engage in discussion about particular issues to stimulate and maintain member student empowerment. SP Academic Committee commits to providing needed academic support to the year-long Samahang Pilipino campaign and other SP related events and projects through research, relationship building with community-based organizations, and communicating/meeting with UCLA faculty and staff.

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Social Committee

WHAT'S UP MY SAMAHANGERS?! Are you into creativity, good with planning and organizing, or just love meeting new people and rolling out to socials? If so, Social Committee is for you! As a member of SoCo, you will take part in determining and organizing socials throughout the year! From SParties to assassins to collaborations and more, SoCo is there! One of the many events that you would be able to work closely behind is Friendship Games. As a committee member, you'll have the chance to contribute any theme ideas, design our shirts, market the event, or even be a game coach! It's one of the most fun events all year, trust. Besides organizing events, SoCo is also a great opportunity for build experience in any areas of interest such as marketing, programming, graphic design, and so much more. Let's make SoCo and SP fun! 🙂

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Kabalikat Kore

Kabalikat Kore is Samahang Pilipino's Gender and Sexuality component at UCLA. Established in 1995, Samahang Pilipino's Kabalikat Kore was the FIRST collegiate Pilipino student organization to advocate on behalf of our LGBTQ siblings. Kabalikat Kore's role is to provide a safe, progressive space for our LGBTQ Pilipin@ siblings as well as our allies to advocate for the Pilipino community, more specifically the LGBTQ Pilipin@ community, in UCLA through education and empowerment for members in the Pilipino community. By creating a conscious and empowered LGBTQ Pilipin@ community here at UCLA, we ensure that the Pilipin@ community and the larger UCLA community is educated and conscious of issues regarding gender and sexuality. We ensure the LGBTQ Pilipin@ voice to be heard, to be loud, and to be proud. We ensure that our LGBTQ Pilipin@ siblings find a family within Samahang Pilipino and UCLA.

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