2018 Winter/Spring Board Elections

Every spring quarter, Samahang Pilipino holds elections to determine the individuals who will compose the Samahang Pilipino Board in the subsequent winter/spring term.

Elections will be held on Friday, May 12, 2017.

Please review the Samahang Pilipino Constitution for more information on board positions and the election process.


Nominations are open until the day of elections.



Candidates are to complete their platforms by 11:59pm on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

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Samahang Pilipino President, 2016-2017
Independent Campaign Work, 2017
Social Justice Referendum Marketing Committee, 2016
Samahang Pilipino Activities Coordinator, 2015-2016
One Step Ahead Family Head, 2015-2016
SPCN Cast Member, 2014-Present
Let’s Act! Campaign Manager, Spring 2015
SPACE Intern, Spring 2015
STEP Intern, Winter 2014
Social Committee, 2014-2015


To transform Samahang Pilipino into a space where all Pilipinxs feel welcomed and valued. Making a return to the roots of our organization, I hope to establish an invested and passionate general membership and leadership. Samahang Pilipino should provide the Pilipinx community with the opportunity to critically question and understand their experiences as Pilipinxs and progress on their journey through cultural exploration. Ultimately, I see Samahang Pilipino as a true home away from home, where each member and each space embodies the true meaning of One Family.

For Samahang Pilipino to be at the forefront of cross-community organizing against oppression on the collegiate, state, and national levels. I hope to help cultivate lasting relationships with other communities of color and marginalized communities, as well as other stakeholders such as USAC council and UCLA Administration. Samahang Pilipino will work within and outside of our community to bring about equity and justice, and to reclaim student power on UCLA’s campus.


  1. “kNOw hxstory, kNOw self.”
    • Collaborating with Internal Vice President to streamline development of All Leadership in addition to establishing an effective system of accountability
    • Creating an extensive list of Samahang Pilipino alumni in order to connect the community and develop a pipeline into the professional world
    • Collaborating with Pilipino Alumni Association to provide Pilipinxs with access to networking resources and postgraduate opportunities
  2. Isang Bagsak!
    • Create and foster an inclusive environment in which members can engage in critical thought and discussion about their experiences as a part of the Pilipinx community
    • Revisit and prioritize cultural values in order to understand our community and create solutions
    • Revisit Samahang Pilipino’s mission, vision, pillars and core values to ensure that the actions of the board align with our long-term goal
    • Address the trends that SPEAR and SPACE identify within the Pilipinx community
    • Create a counter-culture to address community conditions identified through SPACE and SPEAR and work to proactively address issue in the long-term
  3. Our Pilipinx CommUNITY
    • Unify the Pilipinx community on campus by investing in and strengthening relationships across the Mabuhay Collective organizations, as well as the Pilipin@ Living Learning Community and Asian American Studies Center and Department
    • Provide members with access to resources offered through other Pilipinx Organizations on campus through consistent updates
    • Work with the Mabuhay Collective and the External Vice President to collectively program a benefit showcase in which all funds raised are directed to supporting causes within the greater PIlipinx community
    • Actively encourage Pilipinx community at UCLA to partake in Southern California Pilipino American Student Alliance by creating a position that acts as the liaison between organizations
  4. Get off the Island
    • Represent the Pilipinx community in the Mother Organization space and work to cultivate a space where communities can engage in discussions about issues that affect communities of color as a whole
    • Strengthening and mobilizing the Mother Organization Coalition to address cross-community issues (i.e. tuition hikes, sanctuary campuses, immigration services, anti-blackness, Trump, etc.)
    • Mobilize the community at UCLA and move into the greater Los Angeles community to work directly with community-based organizations

Internal Vice President

* KAPWA (Shared identity)

* Outcome

* For leadership to strengthen their roots and growth as Samahang Pilipino leaders, utilizing their entities as their specific medium of fulfilling the same vision and mission, to aim for 100% retention of leadership

* Action

* To work with the internal space to streamline Samahang Pilipino leadership development among SPACE, SPEAR, and SPCN by coordinating curricula and expectations according to a collective vision
* To work with the execs to develop the board in the summer with a focus on organizing and advocacy so that it is prepared to lead the organization in cross-community building


* Outcome

* For leadership to adapt the knowledge, attitude, and skills they receive from Samahang Pilipino to their short- and long-term goals

* Action

* To work with the execs and internals to utilize our relationships with the Pilipino Alumni Association and our resources in the Career Center to translate our work into professional development and career-relevant skills

External Vice President


  • Community Projects Coordinator, Samahang Pilipino Board
  • Immigration Student Advocate, USAC External Vice President’s Office
  • Campaign Manager, Chloe Pan for External Vice President
  • Campaign Manager, Ria Jain for Waves of Change
  • Marketing Committee, Social Justice Referendum
  • Member and Lobby Coordinator, Samahang Pilipino Political Committee
  • Intern, SPACE Internship



  • Lobby Training and Trips
      1. Create two lobby trips on national and state level (DC and Sacramento)
      2. Outcomes:
        1. Retain and pass on knowledge and skills in advocacy
        2. Provide opportunities for membership to engage with Pilipino community conditions
        3. Work towards SP’s vision of transforming systems of power
  • (1st Annual) UC Pilipinx Conference
      1. Have UCLA host and facilitate the first ever cross-UC conference for UC Pilipinxs
        1. Similar to SOCC, but whole weekend dedicated to cross-community development
      2. Outcomes:
        1. Build upon SCPASA relationships and extend to NCPASA
        2. Provide opportunities for cross-community building
        3. Create a solid Pilipinx network across the UC to mobilize under the current political administration
  • Cross-Community Retreat
    1. Create a biannual retreat between communities of color, specifically the mother organizations and expand from there
    2. Outcomes:
      1. Cross-community development and bonding for general memberships across the MOs
        1. Provide more personal/social space to build community
        2. Develop GM in a grassroots format – retention of knowledge on campus organizing and activism in and outside of USAC
      2. Build upon and improve coalition-building abilities with groups on campus
      3. Work towards SP’s vision of working with other communities of color

Administrative Coordinator

Financial Coordinator

I will work on my platforms to the best of my ability; however, I cannot guarantee that these will all be accomplished. If you have any issues with my platforms, please let me know because I am here to serve you, the general members/leaders of this organization. Also, these platforms will grow and develop, as will my mission and vision, during my time in office.

Major: Financial Actuarial Math
SP Financial Coordinator Spring 2017 – Present
BIP Intern Winter 2017 – Present
SPACE Intern Fall 2016

• Increase investment of general members to SP through social events
• Fundraise more consistently without draining the general members and leadership

Give SP a strong financial standing so that the organization has the capacity to affect issues impacting the Pilipino community outside of UCLA.

1) Partner with a nonprofit organization: tax deductible donations to the organization –> more incentive for external institutions to donate
2) Working more with the Activities Coordinator to develop social/fundraising events
a. These events do not necessarily have to be for fundraising
i. (Related to my position because) Expand the number of involved general members invested in SP –> More members to help financially support the organization

Retention Coordinator


  • Rebuild the relationship between Samahang Pilipino and the Community Programs Office
    • Show visibility in the CPO space, have representatives from SP to attend CPO events
  • Utilize Campus Retention Committee to start coalition building with other retention projects and Mother Organizations
    • Have one-on-one meetings with other RCs outside of CRC meetings once a month in order to gain allies and ground each other about how CRC came to be, collaborate and co-program events/workshops at least twice in the year to address similar community conditions
  • Outreach to Pilipino students outside of Samahang Pilipino in order to serve the greater Pilipino community at UCLA
    • Utilize social media (FB page, text, email) to make SPEAR visible to Pilipinos outside of SP, attend different Pilipino events on campus
  • Build relationships with stakeholders such as CAPS, SRC, AAS Center, URC, etc. in order to gain easier access to different resources at UCLA
    • Revive academic committee and assign a liaison to each of these resources in order to sustain relationships
  • Show visibility to SPEAR Staff, General Members, and other entities of Samahang Pilipino to show that concerns are being heard
    • Attend staff meetings and other meetings of entities to hear concerns first hand
  • Update data of the retention rate of Pilipino students to evaluate SPEAR services and cater such changes to community needs
    • Push CRC to attain updated data from administration; if not, talk to administration myself

Holistic  Development

  • Academic (Study Nights at Study Hall, Office Hours Workshops)
  • Professional (Resume/Cover Letter Workshops, Alumni Networking)
  • Financial (Financial Literacy Workshop)
  • Social (Game Nights, CPO events)
  • Personal (Workout Nights, Community Service Events)

Other Goals

  • Build relationship with the EVP Office in order to fight against administration and higher institution about tuition hikes, housing inaccessibility, and overall, higher education inaccessibility

Access Coordinator

– Exit Belmont HS and consider starting a new site at locations with a large Pilipinx population (Long Beach / Glendale)
– Strengthen partnership with PTSP in order to bring in more transfers for internship / staff to strengthen El Camino site.
– Use SIOC space to not only advocate for SP but to build closer relationships with other access programs within the CPO.
– Work with Board in order to make sure that SPACE / Board have a more collaborative relationship in order to execute more collective programming (ex: Field Trips).

Education Coordinator

Establishing a scholarship resource guide to streamline and provide accessibility to scholarship opportunities, continuing the CPS campaign with the implementation of more student led facilitations and working with the Asian American Center/ Department in making this happen, A strengthened relationship with PAA in creating more career-oriented programs, continuation of the BIP program being offered in the winter and spring quarters with units to help shape our coming student leaders, and creating an education committee focused on creating programs and engaging in research of Pilipino-American issues.

Jachelle Abad
for Education Coordinator

2014-2015: Administrative Committee | Graphic Designer
Winter 2015: STEP Intern
2015-2016: Alumni Scholars Club | Graphic Designer
Fall 2016: SPEARit | Graphic Designer
Winter 2016: SPACE Intern | Tracking and Marketing Workgroup

  • Created the infographic series to help further Samahang Pilipino’s Campaign for Pilipinx Studies (CPS)
  • Edited and helped create SPACE’s photo campaign for CPS

Spring 2016: Samahang Pilipino Board Shadow | Administrative Coordinator
2014-2016: SPCN Cast Member | Traditional Suite
Spring 2016: Social Justice Referendum

  • Created the Facebook overlay and cover photo that promoted SJR and encouraged people to vote

Summer 2016-Spring 2017: Administrative Coordinator



  1. Scholarship Program

Financial struggle has always been an issue in the Pilipinx community. One of the responsibilities of the Education Coordinator is to create a Samahang Pilipino scholarship, in order to help our students attain access to higher education.

My goals are to:

  • Work with the financial coordinator to fundraise money, in order to create a scholarship for incoming students and SPACE students
  • Create a relationship with Divya Sharma, the Academic Affairs Commissioner, to utilize USAC as a resource for our students
  • Research available scholarship opportunities and relay the information to general membership
  • Work with SPEAR and SPACE to create a profile of financial trends in our community: what percentage of students are low-income and need financial assistance
  • Collaborate with SPACE on the possibility of bringing back hoop-a-thon, a fundraiser to create a scholarship for SPACE students


  1. Board Internship

Board internship has been integral within the board space and the organization. The interns from this past year have been developed so holistically that they’ve impacted the social and political culture of Samahang and the other first year students.

My goals are to:

  • Use the current curriculum as a foundation for intern development, but will build upon it and re-structure it based on the current events going on that are relevant to our community
  • Have two hour weekly meetings in which the interns will be educated about Pilipinx and Pilipinx-American values and history, as well as Samahang Pilipino values, history, and structure
  • Create cross-community building by inviting other MO internships to collaborate with our interns
  • Invite Community-Based Organizations and Alumni to help facilitate meetings and develop the interns
  • Provide interns with the tools and resources they need to become Samahang Pilipino leaders, such as learning how to program, create EPGs, fill out funding applications, etc.


  1. Campaign for Pilipinx Studies

This campaign has been going on for two years now and I believe that it’s time for it to be pushed forward.

My goals are to:

  • Create relationships with the Asian American Studies department and work with them to learn what steps are needed to further the Pilipinx minor
  • Push for students to take more Asian American Studies classes by working with the admin coordinator to create more exposure for the classes and encouraging interns to expand their knowledge by taking these classes


  1. Education of General Membership

The different entity internships and general meetings are where our future leaders are developed. I want to focus on streamlining the internships and making general meetings more intentional, so that general membership feels like Samahang Pilipino is made for them.

My goals are to:

  • Work with the internship coordinators to emphasize Samahang Pilipino’s mission and vision within their curricula, to help the interns see where the entity and the internship fits within the organization
  • Have quarterly internship orientations in which all four Samahang Pilipino internships can come together and collaborate and learn from each other
  • Have quarterly meetings with the internship coordinators, in order to streamline the curricula and to keep track of the development of the interns
  • Challenge board whenever we come up with general meeting ideas, to make sure that we are being intentional and keeping the general membership in mind
  • Engage with general members to learn what they would like to see and get out of general meetings because these meetings are meant for them


  1. Collaboration with the Pilipin@ LLC Floor

No one can deny that Kevin’s positions as both Education Coordinator and RA for the Pilipin@ Floor was important in the retention of first year students in the organization. I want to create relationships with the new RAs in order to keep our connection to the floor.

My goals are to:

  • Meet with the new RAs and collaborate on ways we can include the floor in all things Samahang
  • Co-program with the floor throughout the year, but most especially during fall quarter, to establish good relationships with the students and to retain them within the organization
  • Work with returning students who are living on the floor next year to find ways in which we can keep the floor engaged with our community

SPCN Coordinator

Vicente Emmanuel P. Capistrano
URL for Platforms: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pKXOrBKociAJwhbe_nyRY_Ko-aV6ftlYtkQ7uBjFZdA/edit?usp=sharing


Experience and Qualifications

  • Cast member, 1st year: Kali (now Arnis) Suite, Maria Clara Suite, Choral (aka Ensemble), Stage Productions (set design and construction).
  • Arnis Coordinator, 2nd year: renamed the suite, improved showmanship and suite climate. Also participated again in Maria Clara, Choral, and Stage Productions. Contributed to Committee meetings, e.g. splitting rehearsals by Act I/II during Hella Fun Weeks.
  • Assistant Coordinator for Production (i.e. Producer), 3rd year: led, produced for, and collaborated with the script, music, ensemble, stage crew, and technical aspects. Knowledgeable in technical and artistic work of realizing a theatrical production. Brought SPCN production under a unified direction (i.e. bossing people around at run-thru). Shared responsibility of leadership of Committee.




Legacy and Vision “Remember all the Manongs… Now here I am, searching for my own.”

Although we are named the Samahang Pilipino Cultural Night, SPCN was never only about culture:

  • Just as all other parts of SP, we stand by the five pillars of Samahang Pilipino, namely: Cultural, Social, Political, Academic, Community.
  • Nor was the cultural night ever about a singular night: the development of the Night is a continuous yearlong process that coincides with the holistic development of the cast as a whole community.
  • SPCN, the first and largest student performance of its kind to perform in Royce Hall, has historically been one of the most public platforms in the arts for Asian Americans to express themselves, with effects felt beyond this campus.


Rethink what it means to address these five aspects, and revamp our current system in order to better accommodate the membership according to these aspects. It falls upon us, the leaders and members of our organization, to ensure that we as SP remain relevant to the needs of our world and the community we dare to serve. I would achieve this as follows:

  • Actively collaborate with Board in order to provide programming that reflects and respects our agency as individuals.
  • Encourage people to think for themselves and form their own opinions under the facilitation and guidance of the leadership. We in SP might not always agree, but we can always be united.
  • Make fewer the number of requirements, and increase the number of voluntary events over those that are mandatory. Provide opportunities for people to step up by their own determination. People enjoy working towards ideas that they can call their own.
  • Address the academic aspect directly, which is historically overlooked in SPCN (in fact, SPEAR’s precursor, PAPER, was founded in part to keep cast members in school). I would rely on the dance coordinators, they who interface most directly with our cast, to encourage studying together and better school habits overall.


There is a time and a place for everything.

Effectiveness before efficiency. I believe in effective work; to me, the ends justify the means, as long as you learned something. I also believe in efficiency, but while it is helpful, it is beside the point of what we do here at SPCN: good things take good time, and what we do is worthwhile.

  • Meaningful mistakes are necessary in a space of personal growth: as an organization, we realize that we might commit similar mistakes every year. However, these need not count as losses. We all had to touch a hot stove to get burned: if we truly believe that our work here prepares us for the real world and life ahead, by all means commit all of the mistakes you can in order to learn. Improvement also comes with time.
  • Strike a balance between seriousness and silliness. Increase sense of professionalism while working toward the show itself (i.e. during run-thru and practice); promote friendship while not (just about anytime else).


Collaborative Community “…Let others know that all we are is one big family.”

SPCN has always been in a unique position: our cast comprises many members ranging from different entities and projects, SPEAR (OSA) and SPACE for example, organizations in the Mabuhay Collective, other UCLA organizations, Pilipinos and non-Pilipinos alike. Although no more important than the other entities, we have a large, inclusive body of people, and serve as the “glue” that holds us together as an organization, despite our differences in aims and goals.

  • As a leader of SPCN and of SP, I would “stick” to this idea: I would take full advantage of SPCN’s reach to bridge the gaps between entities.
    • Collaborate directly with the leaders of SP and the Mabuhay Collective (Kappa Psi Epsilon, Pilipinos for Community Health, Pilipinos In Engineering and Science, Pilipino Recruitment and Enrichment Program, Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership, Tinig Choral, Samahang Modern, Zeta Phi Rho) in order to host co-programmed events.
    • Cooperate closely with One Step Ahead Mentorship (another big body in SP) in order to jointly host events and workshops.
    • Mend the relationship between SPCN and Board. Accurate communication is key here. I would bring representatives from Committee to Board Meeting in order to voice their concerns, and vice versa.
    • I would encourage more socials, in general. See below for my “more food” policy. Also, I like parties! Let’s have more of them.
  • Outreach
    • Build and maintain strong relations with other Pilipino Cultural Nights, and the other cultural performances on campus.
    • Work with the SP Board to participate in and contribute to SCPASA.
  • More food = more friends = more fun. In fact, SP was founded on the basis of sharing food. Communion leads to more candid dialogue. Less beating around the bush, more mutual respect, more constructive conversation. How do we build this respect? Eat together and more often, plain and simple.
  • Learn and reflect on the SPCN Theme Song.


Effective Execution “We’re working together for tomorrow is here!”

I like to take people in good faith, bring a critical voice to the table, and come prepared with practical solutions.


I would establish standard avenues early on in order to consistently relay correct information.

  • Create and maintain updated spreadsheets, documents, and calendars containing all relevant dates and details, for the benefit of everyone in the cast and Committee.
  • Store all important files in centralized folders online. Worked well for our Production team this year.


This year had a good number of run-thrus, but the needs of the cast should be prioritized over simply requiring a full dress rehearsal.

  • I would want a similar number of Saturday meet-ups. But should dances need additional time to practice, we would provide it. Should a social seem beneficial, we would allot time for it.


Combat burnout by explicitly assigning a Committee member the job of maintaining a positive climate in committee (see structural changes below).

  • Openly stating expectations.
  • Lessening requirements in order to relieve pressure (see above in Legacy and Vision).
  • Encourage people in Committee and cast to participate in other extracurricular activities (SPCN is not life) to provide a healthy distraction and more complete growth.
  • A positive climate in Committee would translate well to the cast. If we’re having fun, so can everyone else; it begins with leadership.


Structural and Operational Changes to Committee

  • New proposed coordinator structure ( denotes separation in hierarchy, quantity enclosed in parentheses): Producer (1), Director (1) Assistant Coordinator for Outreach (1), Assistant Coordinator for Dance Suites (1) Dance Suites: Arnis (2), Cast Modern (1), Igorot/Kordilyera (2), Maria Clara (2), Moro (2), Rural (2), Traditionalist (2). Logistics: Cultural (1), Public Relations (2), Financial (2), Aesthetics (1). Production: Script (1), Music (2), Ensemble (1), Stage Crew (1). Total: (28).
    • As. Co. for Outreach would take charge of Dance Troupe, external sponsorship, and relations with alumni.
    • As. Co. for Dance Suites would take charge of helping dance coordinators, procuring props and costumes, and maintaining a positive climate in Committee.
  • For all things pertinent to the performance of the cultural night, I would design Committee members’ responsibilities to mimic those of their counterparts in a more standard theatrical production company, i.e. a vertical, well-defined structure component-wise. But for the other, equally important half that pertains to the development of Committee, the cast, and the membership, Committee would convene and discuss issues horizontally, as a body of peers. We already unofficially follow this pattern of dividing responsibilities to the show and to the cast, but I would formalize this distinction in the position job descriptions, and by organizing meetings by component.
  • I would schedule full-Committee meetings to be bi-weekly (every other week) instead, and on the odd weeks, each component (dance, logistics, production) would meet separately. In other words, meetings would still be held every week, but alternating per week between component and Committee. Currently, the entire Committee meets weekly for approximately 2 hours per week, and it is a feat in itself to get all 30 people to show up at the same place and at the same time. By holding separate meetings per component (Dance, Logistics, Production), we would achieve more efficient conversation within components as each can focus on its own affairs at a time, and more orderly communication between components on issues that concern the entire show as a whole. I believe this strategy to work based on experience conducting my own production component meetings this past year, and from attending meetings of other components.
  • Also, by slightly decreasing the size of Committee from a previous maximum of 30 people, meeting logistics get simplified, and relationships become less tangled: more duties would be available to get delegated to individuals who are not necessarily part of Committee, but who can contribute and get recognized without the full responsibility of an SPLeader.
  • Appoint a co, namely Lisa-Marie Tabuyo, as the Producer. We complement each other very well, as evidenced by our past year together as Assistant Coordinators. We would divide responsibilities, she as Producer and I as Director, so that we can focus on carrying out our duties to the best of our abilities.
    • The Director would attend to the artistic aspects of SPCN (currently administered by the As. Co. Production) and work to integrate the parts of the performance under a unified direction.
    • The Producer would attend to the logistical aspects of SPCN (currently administered by the As. Co. Logistics) and work to ensure the soundness of the production culturally, financially, aesthetically, and publicly.

Samahang Pilipino Cultural Night will foster a space in which students are able to discover and create their own identity, build relationships and community with each other, learn and understand the Filipino culture and its history, create narratives that bring to life issues experienced by Filipino-Americans, engage with different communities in order to contribute to diversity, and develop in their own passions in the arts.


To create a cultural night that fulfills this vision, it is essential to develop community leadership that supports and actively works to empower its cast. In order to accomplish this, I will:

• Collaborate with leadership of SPACE and SPEAR to streamline the leadership development of SPCN Committee and proactively work alongside each Committee Member to best support and expand their role in SPCN

• Program entertaining events that outreach to external organizations, such as from the Mabuhay Collective and other cultural nights, that bring different people into contact with each other, fosters the building of relationships, and opens up the opportunity to fundraise for SPCN (Examples include mixers and movie nights)

• Create a personable role model through being proactive and present at Samahang Pilipino events, learning the name of every cast and general member, and strongly encouraging Committee to recognize and uplift the hard work that the cast does, especially before major events like Community Performance

To create a cultural night that fulfills this vision, it is essential to make it accessible to all students – with major emphasis on time and money. In order to accomplish this, I will:

• Decrease the amount of Run Thrus to 2 per quarter, utilize the summer to fully prepare for suites and the overall vision of the show, open up auditions and suite preferences earlier in Fall Quarter, and build a cast in a timely fashion to begin practices promptly

• Reduce the price of suite dues and the amount of money that Committee must fundraise through earlier planning of all budget costs, beginning fundraisers in Fall Quarter and focusing them on the campus population in addition to cast members, applying earlier to Funding Apps that become available in the Fall, actively working to obtain sponsorships from larger organizations and businesses, and utilizing crowdfunding, such as UCLA Spark or GoFundMe

• Maximize on time efficiency through coordinating venues for events that take into consideration conflicting affairs on campus

• Work to better inform cast members on both long term goals of each quarter in terms of the production and short term goals that include full schedules and expected outcomes for events throughout the quarter

To create a cultural night that fulfills this vision, it is essential to understand the purpose of the show and its value in celebrating culture and contributing to diversity. In order to accomplish this, I will:

• Coordinate for SPCN to sponsor cultural programming in the John Wooden Center for free to all UCLA students; this includes Dance Troupe Coordinators having a slot in the John Wooden Center’s instructional classes starting Fall Quarter and having the ability to teach cultural dances, such as Tinikling

• Utilize public events such as Run Thrus as an opportunity to educate spectators on Filipino culture and the work that SPCN does; this includes Public Relations Coordinators providing signage, flyers, and social media accessibility to start and continue the conversation of why culture is important

• Outreach to the greater UCLA campus community, the city of Los Angeles, and even to Filipino organizations spanning outside of UCLA, in order to attract a diverse audience that expands outside the networks of cast members and allows for new viewers to experience culture from a new perspective

Cultural Coordinator

Community Projects Coordinator

Activities Coordinator

PINAYS Coordinator

Kabalikat Coordinator