Did you know that SPCN has an estimated cost of $45,000 per year? With a production scale of this size, SPCN needs your help in guaranteeing the show continue on for years to come. Through sponsorship and ads, you can help ensure that the unique SPCN experience can last for generations.




  • Full-page advertisement in program
  • 8 VIP tickets
  • “Official Sponsor” recognition in all publications
  • 2 Commemorative SPCN t-shirt
  • 2 DVD
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  • Full-page advertisement in program
  • 6 VIP tickets
  • “Official Sponsor” recognition in some publications
  • 2 Commemorative SPCN t-shirts
  • 2 DVDs
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  • Half-page advertisement in program
  • 4 VIP tickets
  • “Official Sponsor” recognition in some publications
  • 1 Commemorative SPCN t-shirt
  • 1 DVD
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  • Quarter-page advertisement in program
  • 2 VIP tickets
  • 1 DVD
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  • Business card advertisement
  • 2 VIP tickets
  • 1 DVD
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  • 1 sentence recognition and gratitude in program

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With an audience of around 2,000 people, SPCN is the perfect space to advertise for any business or company (and students, don’t be afraid to buy an ad too!). All ads will be placed in this year’s program.

  • Connector.

    Full Page (8" x 10")


  • Connector.

    Half Page (8" x 5")


  • Connector.Connector.

    Quarter Page


  • Connector.Connector.

    Business Card


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