What is SPEAR?

SPEAR is one of five student-run, student-initiated projects within the Student Retention Center (SRC). The Pilipino community has continually made the effort to address dropout rates and ensure the academic success of all UCLA students since 1989. It was started to address the low retention rate of Pilipino students at UCLA. Today, students from various communities on-campus work together in the SRC to empower students and encourage them to take an active role in their education. The SRC is a resource available to all students, no matter what their academic standing may be.


SPEAR will reach 100% retention of UCLA students, particularly the Pilipino Community by providing individual and collective services for students that:
-Promote critical thinking about themselves and their environment
-Allow students to gain skills and opportunities to engage with the community inside and outside of the 
-Encourage students to define, take ownership of, and pursue their education.

Vision 2015-2016

SPEAR will reach the 100% retention of UCLA students, particularly the Pilipin@ Community, by facilitating academic and student empowerment through holistic development and addressing student needs by promoting a strong and invested community through cultural awareness and relationship building.

Peer Counsling

The Peer Counseling Component of SPEAR will strive to reach the 100% retention of the Pilipin@ community by fostering community solidarity through creating strong and meaningful relationships between members inside and outside the organization while promoting progressive personal and collective growth of all students and counselors.


It is important to note that SPEAR counselors are UCLA students, as well. They understand what it means to be a Pilipino student on campus. In addition to utilizing their knowledge of academic policies to help you succeed, SPEAR counselors provide support and guidance for any other aspect of your life. They will present you with many opportunities for you to grow and develop. SPEAR counselors are a part of a community to help you progress towards your personal and academic goals.
It is relatively easy. You can talk to a departmental counselor to change the major. You can speak to them about your eligibility, major requirements, and 4 year plan. Most students end up changing their majors in their 4 years here.
This is different for all people, dependng on your value changes. However, if you really want to consider STEM careers or non-STEM careers, we advise you to check out the career center! The Career Center is a great resource for you to see your career options and to find the different workforce opportunities for you.

OSA Mentorship

Vision: The One Step Ahead Mentorship (OSA) component of SPEAR will attain 100% retention through a self-sustaining & community-centric mentorship program in which its participants are invested in quality mentorship pairs and families that seek to foster holistic development, student and academic empowerment, and a sense of community both inside and outside of UCLA.

Students who join mentorship will be paired up with other students to help ease their transition into the university. OSA mentorship creates a space for the incoming students to expand their social network, build personal friendships with their mentor, and make the most out of their university experience.